Re: 3D variables and VisAD AND Re: VisAD and RMI

> I am wondering if I have temperatures at different times across a grid of lat 
> and lon
points, is there a way to animate that with VisAD?

You need to spend some time studying Ugo's excellent tutorial.

> I am new to VisAD and have recently been using it to build applications that 
> can visualize data in NetCDF files and would like to expand those 
> applications to
> use RMI so that they can be run while the thousands of netCDF files can 
> reside on the server. So my question is, if I do this and allow the server 
> that contains
> the netCDF files to run the RMI registry server, then what java classes does 
> the clien
t need? I know the server will need obviously both VisAD and Java3D but
> will the client need either?

See section 6 of the developer's guide at:

Also and in visad/examples, and


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