Re: controlling shading

Hi Donna,

> Well, following your example, and putting my version of makeAppearance into
> ShadowUnshadedFunctionTypeJ3D worked just as it should, thanks. My problem
> mainly was figuring out where to put it; The bom barbrenderer example put
> it into the ShadowBarbRealTupleType class (if I recall), while the bom
> ImageRenderer puts it into ShadowFunctionType.  How does one know the
> *right* place to put it?

In a case like this, where you are over-riding a method
defined in ShadowTypeJ3D (the base class of the Shadow*TypeJ3D
hierarchy), you should implement it in all your Shadow*Type
classes. If you can put the real logic in a static method
in a single class, invoked from small methods in all the
others classes, that will save redundant coding.