Re: 2d dimensional sets

Hi Thomas,

I'm a little vague about what you are doing, but
my first thought is that you may need to derive a
second Data object from your first (possibly in
a CellImpl that liustens for changes in the first
and produces the second). The second would be the
result of some meth that would make the 2nd display

Good luck,

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Thomas Bauer wrote:

> hi everyone,
> I'm looking forward to realize two types of chart-displays, based on same 
> data.
> i want to display temperature/pressure1 and temperature/pressure2 (and more) 
> as absolut rgb-areas in
> the first 2D display and in percent to summary of all pressures in second 2D 
> display.
> for example: i read the following data-grid out of an csv-file.
> temperature pressure1 pressure2 ....
> 30          0.75      1.25
> 40          0.70      0.95
> 90          0.25      0.75
> 100         0.19      0.72
> the result is correct, if i display the data as lines. i have tested this 
> using filled iso-contour to display 2d-areas, but my result is always wrong.
> what's the correct data model and DisplayType's to solve this using visad?
> you could find a screenshot of my purpose (based on above display data) at:
> thanks for any tips
> tom