picking and mouse events

Ok, to start a different topic than SQL queries (though it's interesting to
hear the various viewpoints), I am trying to figure out why my picking
isn't working. I've implemented all my VisAD display stuff in a separate
class, which extends JPanel, and have added a PickManipulationRenderer and
CellImpl to manage the picking. That all works; when I right-click in the
panel the doAction method gets called and some fields of my class get
updated with data values. All fine and good, but what I *want* to happen is
for the parent frame to be notified that something has happened, so that it
can call some get* methods on the class, get the new values, and stick them
into a label, say.  But I've been unable to figure out how to get the
parent frame to be notified. I tried putting a mouse listener on my class,
but for some reason the event handlers are *not* being called when I use
the mouse. Are the mouse events "eaten" in some way by visAD, or is
something else going on? I am no expert in event handling, I admit. I'm
trying to avoid building any knowledge of the parent frame into the
VisAD-containing class, as I want it to be reusable in the future.

Donna L. Gresh, Ph.D.
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
(914) 945-2472

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