Re: VisAD and SQL databases

I am using VisAD together with SQL queries to a database. It's really
pretty straightforward; the queries are generated in response to user
actions in the GUI, the returned data set is then used to populate a VisAD
object (like an Irregular2D set), and the VisAD infrastructure
automatically updates the image. It all works quite cleanly within the
VisAD architecture.

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Hi everyone,

Just came across the page about VisAD:

And wondered if anyone has done any work on it so that VisAD can grab
data directly from a SQL database.

Had the thought that it might provide for adding interesting real-time
capabilities to VisAD, as well as making it easier to have multi-user
data input be analysed.

Not sure, but thought it worth mentioning.


Regards and best wishes,

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