Re: display size in Applet

Hi Muz,

I have an example VisAD applet online at

The source code is at

Since I don't have any problems with the display
component's size, I suggest taking a look at the
source code to see how it differs from yours.

Good luck,

At 09:40 AM 1/14/2003, you wrote:
>I am trying to use the "display.getComponent" to display in an applet.
>I defined a "getComponent" in,
>    public Component getComponent(){
>          return display.getComponent();
>      }
>and use it in,
>        SimpleDisplay m_display = new SimpleDisplay(m_datafile);
>        m_display.process();
>        add(m_display.getComponent());
>        showStatus("init ...");
>However, I found the size of the display component in the applet is fixed
>(about 270x270).
>My question is how to change the display size in the applet to make it
>propotional to the
>applet size?