Re: display update

Hi Ibrahim,

>             I'm changing the 'reference' (by setting a new field to my
> ref.setData()) in my program to change the display for my animation. The
> display updates automatically but sometimes takes some time as the
> dataset is pretty large. Is there a method by which I can determine if
> the display has finished updating so that I can wait before I move on to
> the next change?

Construct a DisplayListener, and pass it to the addDisplayListener()
method of your DisplayImpl. In its displayChanged() method, check
for TRANSFORM_DONE events - they should tell you when the transforms
triggered by your setData() calls are done.

> I’m sorry, I should have added this to the last email. I have a
> problem when I try to use display.getImage(), I get an exception that
> says
> Exception occurred during event dispatching:
> visad.VisADError: cannot call getImage() from Thread: AWT-EventQueue-0

You cannot call getImage() from a GUI callback. From your callback
create a new Thread that makes the getImage() call and does whatever
is needed with the returned image. I think there is an example of
this in the SpreadSheet source.


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