contour line labeling, and "turning off" picking

Two questions:
I am using contour lines on a flat surface, which is working fine, however
even though I am using ContourControl.enableLabels(true), no labels show up
on my contour lines. I've tried fewer or more contours but it doesn't
change things (I'm setting the increment by hand to be some fraction of the
range; I found I needed to do that because apparently once the contour line
values are set the first time the thing is run, after I change data sets
the values were staying the same, and sometimes contour lines no longer
appeared). Is there something else that needs to happen to make them show?

Also, another (minor) problem, again relating to the fact that I'm swapping
new data into the picture, relates to picking.  I am using a
PickManipulationRendererJ3D to capture picks, and it is working correctly,
however when a new data set is swapped in the doAction callback runs again,
using the same value for getCloseIndex() as on whatever pick was last. This
can cause problems. I want to somehow "zero out" the pick when I bring in a
new data set. Is this possible?

Donna L. Gresh, Ph.D.
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
(914) 945-2472