Re: Moving the cube inside a DisplayImplJ3D

Regarding this:

> The second question is more difficult. My application get an image 
> from a web server through the following code:
>                    URL gifURL= Configuration.getGifURL(); 
>                    FlatField image= (FlatField);
> But now Im having problems. An exception is thrown when the "open" 
> method is called, but only when I run the app through IE6 (my 
> application is an applet); when I run it with Netscape 7 or with 
> the appletviewer in Linux no exception is thrown, and all works 
> fine. I dont know what can be wrong. Maybe the problem is due to 
> the version of Java (1.3.1_06). Does anybody have the same 
> problem? How can I solve it?

what is the exception that is thrown?   Also, what the is Configuration class?  

If you are going after a URL that is not at the same server as the 
'documentbase' or the 'codebase', you may have security issues that need to be 
handled differently between Netscape and IE.