Re: questions ragarding axis

Chen Zhang-

Chen Zhang wrote:
1. if the axis is screen based, dragging the box won't have any effect on
the position of the axis since it is by the screen.  seems setMatrix won't
have effect on the position of the axis either.

I apologize for my last misstatement.  I don't know much
about how the screenbased scale stuff works, that was added
by someone else.  But looking at Test42, I see what you
mean.  I'll try to look at what it would take to move
this if the box was smaller.

2. if the axis is screen based, the min and max ticks change according to
graph move.  can this setLabelAllTicks be called accordingly?  i think
labelling the major ticks are good enough.

I just added a setLabelAllTicks() method to Test42 and
it does work for the screen based scales as well as the
regular AxisScales.  Thanks for your input and suggestion.

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