partially buried contours

I am adding IsoContours over a surface in three-space (an analog to
discussion in tutorial 3.7 of "IsoContours over image") and find that the
contours are partially "buried' in the surface. It is more or less obvious
depending on viewing angle. In my days of using Data Explorer there was a
way to add "fuzz" to the contours to allow them to "float" a bit above the
background object. Is there something equivalent in VisAD? Apologies if
it's documented and I just didn't see it; I did look in the javadoc and the

Here's a picture to show what I mean:
(See attached file: buriedcontours.jpg)

Donna L. Gresh, Ph.D.
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
(914) 945-2472

Attachment: buriedcontours.jpg
Description: JPEG image

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