Re: questions about 2D ploting

First, please do NOT send questions to just me. Send them
to visad-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On Mon, 6 Jan 2003, Muztagh wrote:

> Thanks for your help. It's exactly what I want to find out.
> I've few more questions. I am trying to plot something looks like the
> attached jpeg file.
> My questions are:
> (1). Can I plot multiple "display boxes" in the same window, and put explain
> text for each box? If I can, which example should I look at?

Yes, see visad/rabin/ or visad/ss/
for examples. If you use JPanels with no borders, they will
look like your jpeg.

> (2). How can I change the size of the "display box"?

Use ProjectionControl.setAspectCartesian().

> (3). How can I change the background color? (the default is black)

Use DisplayRenderer.setBackgroundColor().

I recommend spending some time with Ugo's tutorial.