Re: Including text in a 3D Display.

I did what you told me, but im not able to visualize any text in the

I´ll include the code I´ve written.

Here is where I define my 3D display:
        GraphicsConfiguration gConfig= VisADCanvasJ3D.getDefaultConfig();

        DisplayRendererJ3D renderer= new DefaultDisplayRendererJ3D();

        WriteText3D write3D= new WriteText3D(renderer, gConfig);

        DisplayImplJ3D display3D= new DisplayImplJ3D("display3D", renderer,
DisplayImplJ3D.JPANEL, gConfig, write3D);

The Write Text3D class is the one that extends from VisADCanvasJ3D:

        public class WriteText3D extends VisADCanvasJ3D {

            private String titleText;

            public WriteText3D( DisplayRendererJ3D renderer,
GraphicsConfiguration config) {


                    titleText="Prueba de texto fijo";


            public void renderField(int i) {

                    J3DGraphics2D g2D= this.getGraphics2D();





That´s all. Thanks again for all of your help!!

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Hi Carlos,

There is an answer to your question at:

Good luck,

> I have a question about how to include some text in a display. I have a
DisplayImplJ3D contained in a Swing Component, a JFrame. I wanna
> include a title text in  the upper left corner of the display, but  I dont
want this text to move around when I zoom in or out the display, or
> when I move it. The text should be "frozen" and be in the same place all
the time. I wanna something like the "Vis5D" logo that appears when
> you visualize some data through Vis5D. How can i do it?
> I´m able to put some text into the display, but when I move the "cube" It
moves too!!
> Thanks for all of your help.

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