Re: math reference


Steve Emerson wrote:

> Unfortunately, I can't tell what the publication was (other than it was
> an IEEE one) or what the year was.  It's on pages 298 through 305 of a
> periodical that has "CH3046-0/91/0000/0298/$01.00 IEE" on the bottom
> left of the first page.

The reference was:

   Haber, R., B. Lucas and N. Collins. A Data Model for Scientific
   Visualization with Provisions for Regular and Irregular
   Grids. Proceedings IEEE Visualization '91 Conference, pp. 298-305,
   October 1991.

The field data model is also described in:

   "A Function-Based Data Model for Visualization," by Lloyd A. Treinish



Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program

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