First off, since the default box size is ~.7 (meaning about 70% of the window/frame size) you might not be able to see any difference. However, you probably also should put in the code to handle the 3D DisplayImpl as well...something like this (uses 90% so the change is obvious):

ProjectionControl pc = disp.getProjectionControl();
double[] mat = pc.getMatrix();
if (mat.length > 10) {
  mat[0] = .9;
  mat[5] = .9;
  mat[1] = .9;
} else {
  mat[0] = .9/.64;
  mat[3] = -.9/.64;

Works nicely in my test...

Hope that helps.


Amaral wrote:
I would like to chage the box size using java (not Jython). I tried the code below ( inspired by file but something is missing because I could not get done. I appreciate some help: ProjectionControl pc;
pc = display.getProjectionControl();
double[] mat = pc.getMatrix();
mat[0] = .70/.64;
mat[3] = -.70/.64;

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