AnnotatedDataArray - XML storage for VisAD data

Hello all,

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology is using VisAD to develop in house
meteorological applications.  As part of this we identified a need to
save VisAD data to disk and restore from the saved data.

We have developed an add-on library for VisAD, called
AnnotatedDataArray.  It can save and restore multiple VisAD Fields and
Sets in an XML format, with some restrictions on the data.  In addition
it can maintain arbitrary Strings in key-value pairs in a hierarchical
structure attached to each Field or Set, or attached to the whole array.
The interface to this part is somewhat like prefs in jdk 1.4.

We are releasing this to the VisAD community under the LGPL, the same
licence as used by VisAD itself.

AnnotatedDataArray is available in source form at:

There are short example programs with the source.  If anyone has a
similar need, they are welcome to download and use AnnotatedDataArray.
Feedback would be most welcome.


Russell Steicke
Bureau of Meteorology, Australia

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