"resetting" of axes, colorscales when data changes

Well since I've gotten such quick and useful help for my previous two
questions, I thought I'd try your patience once more and see if there's an
easy solution to my current problem. I have data which is changing, on
input from a user (in simple terms, I'm extracting subsets from a database
and using the data to create surfaces in three-dimensions for display).
I've set things up so that I just change the DataReference object and, just
as advertised, the Display automatically updates which is great. However,
there are other aspects of the display that don't automatically update when
this happens, specifically the limits on the axes and the color mapping
(i.e. if the values being mapped to color are much bigger for the second
subset, everything ends up red). Is there a simple way to reset these two
characteristics so that they are "rescaled" to the new data, without going
in and setting everything by hand programatically?


Donna L. Gresh, Ph.D.
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
(914) 945-2472

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