Re: visad Test 14

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Brobbey,Isaac wrote:

> can some one explain exactly how visad\examples\ is suppose to
> work ? i need to understand how the server is suppose to work with the
> client side. i tried it and got the message below:

First run 'rmiregistry' in some window on your machine. Then
run 'java Test14'. After its window pops up, run 'java Test15'.
If you redraw data (by dragging with the right mouse button)
in either window, you should see the same change in the other.

> C:\visad\examples>java Test14
> Did you run 'rmiregistry &' first?

Test14 prints this somewhat cryptic error message if it
cannot register its RemoteSeverImpl object with the
rmiregistry. Check Sun's Java documentation for more
about RMI and rmiregistry.


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