Amaral wrote:
I woud appreciate if someone could help me to find out what is the visAD object which controls the size of the black display box, how to change its background color and how to clear the box borders. thanks for help.

The box color and visibility are controllable through the visad.RendererControl:

If your DisplayImpl is named 'disp', then do something like:

rc = disp.getDisplayRenderer().getRendererControl()

(These calls will the next release of the Jython '' collection.)

The box 'size' (relative to the size of the frame) can be manipulated via the display's ProjectionControl. For example, using Jython with a 3D display you would just say "disp.setBoxSize(percent)" where 'percent' varies from 0 (no size) to 1.0 (full window). Look at the code in for 'setBoxSize()' and you'll see something like this (for 3D...the code is different for 2D):

pc = disp.getProjectionControl()
mat = pc.getMatrix()
mat[0] = percent
mat[5] = percent
mat[10] = percent

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