Re: RAM requirement

Don is out of town at the AGU meeting, so let me answer this as a former member of the Unidata MetApps Task Force: The System Requirements page says "For reasonable performance, it is recommended...". The volume of data we deal with routinely in meteorology, and the ways that these data may now be easily combined for display within the IDV would stress the memory of machines with less than 512MB. I know, I used to have one...

You can certainly run the IDV on a machine with 256MB, but I would suggest staying away from things that are very memory intensive: large grids, multiple images, long animation loops, iso-surfaces, etc.


m huang wrote:

The System Requirement page still says ``It is recommended
that the system have a <b>minimum</b> of 512 MB of RAM free
for IDV use. Performance is significantly better with 1 GB
RAM, or more.''. Should I borther to try it at all on my
machine with 256MB of RAM in total ?

--- Don Murray <dmurray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi All-

The beta 3 release of the Integrated Data Viewer version 1.0
is available for download.

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