Re: VisAD Servlet

Hi Ugo,

> sorry for the delay on this. I have used VisAD in conjunction with servlets
> but priorities changed inthe project, and I let the servlets be for a while.
> The point  is, I was generating images from a display - not a VisAD display,
> but a JPanel which included a display and a few other panels - and it worked
> sort of all right. I then tried to scale the whole thing down to a simple
> (understandable) servlet and cannot reproduce what I did on other computer.
> The relevant piece of code is this:
> . . .
> Unfortunately display.getImage(true); doesn't work. Creating the image by
> use of pure force doesn't work here, either. I cannot tell what's the
> matter, but have heard in Java 1.4 there isn't such a problem (of having to
> create off-line frame and etc...).

I occasionally hear about getImage() not working. It works
in Test50, Test51, Test52 and VisADCanvasJ3D.main(). If I
had a (hopefully small) test program where it failed I could
try to debug it.

> Util.captureImage() only works when the display is visible.

How about if you use the offscreen version of the
DisplayImplJ3D constructor?


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