Re: prototype of my x-y style plotter / wrapper

> I installed and ran your package and find it very nice.

thanks for the encouragement.

> It wouldn't be difficult to replace your:
>   "new DisplayImplJ2D("VisAD2D display");"
> with:
>   "new DisplayImplJ3D("VisAD2D display", new
> TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D());"
> and to create "J3D" declarations parallel to all your
> "J2D" decalrations. The ease with which you can switch
> between the Java2D and Java3D APIs is a sign of VisAD's
> object-oriented design.

Thanks for all who pointed out the TwoD renderer.
There are a few calls (transformation related) that also
need to be changed. I am using what I have for a demo next
week so I will leave the 2D for now.

> > see VisAD home page at for more details on
> > installation.
> The VisAD home page is at:
> Please correct this in your on-line 00Readme.txt file,
> so your users will know where to find information
> about VisAD.

thanks! why I remembered worked is beyond me now.
while I was at it I added VisAD copyright notices too all
relevant source code.

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