linewidth of box, docs for ScarlarType names, data point in the same pixels


I would like to know how to change the line widths of
the 2D box (the frame around the plot, it's perhaps not
onlt a 2D plot question) and scales. GraphicsModeControl*
has a method to change linewidth but it is only for the
data lines. It seems me that VisAD 

I know there are some restrictions as what characters
cannot be used in a name for ScalarType (white space,
".", etc) is documented officially.

If I want to draw lines to connect a lot of data points 
sequentially according to the indix. A large number
of the data points are so close to the following points
that they actually fall in the same pixel. Does visAD (its
DisplayRenderers, I guess) keep an array of device coordinates
(in pixels) for all the points to be drawn, or only for those in
different pixes?
If it keep all the coordinates, does VisAD try to draw lines
between dots in the same pixel? Does VisAD use[], int[], int)
to draw these lines? If yes, does anyone know if awt actually try
to draw all these lines? (this last question is not a VisAD
question). If VisAD does not keep points of the same
device coordinates, people who can expect drawing time to
be somewhat proportional to plot size (i.e. thumbnails can
be cheap to have in terms of memory and time consumption)

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