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--- Tom Whittaker <tomw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I saw [Jython] as the way to meet the need to get scientists 
> (users of IDL and Matlab) to use VisAD.  

That is what the user group wanted from Herschel IA --
the Java developers can get all the fancy internal data model
they want, but the end users want something like this can work
in the interactive environment:

-> plot([1,2,5,6,2],title="foo bar")

A Jython cosole has been prototyped for Herschel IA. It
has a history mechanism allowing assemble successful commands
into a script. The Jython interface is one of the areas
which makes me think Herschel IA should join force with VisAD.
There is so much parallel between them.

> Like I (and others) have mentioned, it is sometimes practical to 
> interface VisAD Data objects to other graphics libraries...

Then for a long term project multiple external packages have
to be maintained. I can finish my current project using
JFreeChar and PtPlot rather quickly if I follow the least
resistance path. But I think make VisAD work nicely in 2D
would benefit everyone in the long run. That is why I am
putting effort lobbying.

> but I'm 
> curious to know what basic functions are missing or awkward to 
> use...

I am sure will get back to this. I writing wrapper classes to
simplify 2D plotting using VisAD. It is intended to help Java
developers but Jython users can benefit on the one-stop-shopping
type of plotting control. I feel it bears much resemblence to
part of the python.JpythonMemthods class but I haven't looked
closely. I am still learning the nuts and bolts of VisAD
and writing the wrapper class is a good way to learn.

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