Re: VisAD for general data visualization purposes for general users?

 m huang wrote:

 > Some of the issues have been addressed in the
 > "questions on functionalities of VisAD X-Y style 2D plots"
 > thread. I think most people would agree that it will not be
 > considered a serious X-Y plotting package if it doesn't
 > provide *out of the box* a default set of data point symbols,
 > nor legend, nor log and log-log scale, nor error bars, nor
 > coordinate grid, not much selection of plotting style (take
 > a look at JFreeChart) ... I know with some more work VisAD can do
 > all these and more, but as it stands, the meat of VisAD is 3D.

Please ignore this kind of  stupid question and criticism of  VisAD from
NEWBIE as M.Huang .  Obviously, this is an insult to Bill and the VisAD
If M.Huang cannot understand VisAD, then use JFreeChart or SGT. VisAD is
for serious stuff (or at least scientific stuff) . Scientific computing is
different from
 simple High School type plotting that is available in JFreeChart. If you do
High School plot
then VisAD is not for you. Try some commercial Java graphics APIs or
any open source ones. VisAD is the best is there is for Java. I rate VisAD
as the same
par as MatLab graphics or in some functionalities it has more built-in
graphics manipulation
functions than MatLab. MatLab is almost the standard Tool of every
Engineering School, Industrial Research (eg, NASA), Physics and Maths
around the world. So if VisAD is  equivalent to or almost superior than
MatLab graphics, then
 this means that M. Huang, need to join the mail-group for JFreeChart or a
newbie Java graphics
mail-group and demand the functionalities that she/he needed to be


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