Re: Thanks to VisAD team

At 09:36 27/11/02 -0500, "Jay Patel" <jjpatel79@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
>Hi, I am a newbie user of VisAD. I would be in no point  to comment on all
the technical >details of VisAD but when I saw all the messages  going back
and forth on the mailing >list, I just wanted to show my support and
appreciation towards the VisAD team for >creating a great toolkit. In just
4  weeks I have been able to create an application that >addressed all my
needs and  worked better then my wildest imagination.  Thanks once again
>for this great  toolkit. Jay Patel 

Seconded wholeheartedly! I get the strong impression this is a
very worthwhile venture and that the software is developing into
something great.


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