Re: Fw: VisAD for general data visualization purposes for general users?

--- Ugo Taddei <p6taug@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My reply:
> ... That is my approach. I decided on a few types, wrote
> some wrappers with "known names",...
> Off course, I'm loosing some of VisAD's functionlity. But 
> that's the way things are.

My point is that you can do all these because you know how.
Trad off is not the issue. Lack of ducumentation is.

> Finally, as far as I'm concerned, I look forward to receiving  
> feedback on the documentation I wrote and try to adapt the
> tutorial as I go along.

thanks for answering and for the tutorial. I will post a feed
back when I get around. fasten seat belt ;-)


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