link works now but unexplained

--- Tom Whittaker <tomw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> m huang wrote:
> > The "broken link" problem is still there. For example
> > in visad.DisplayRealType page, if I click on visad.ScalarType
> > I get a ``Not Found <br> The requested
> > URL /+AH4-dglo/visad/visad/ScalarType.html was not found on this
> > server.''
> On my browser the "+AH4-" appears as a tilde ("~") character. 
> Perhaps 
> there is some character set translation happening?

ah thanks for the clue. After I de-selected the
view/encoding/Auto-select in IE, the links now work.
But the problem is not really gone... because first
why encoding should matter for this type of documents,
and secondly, if I hover the cursor to the offending
links the address appears at the bottom of IE is correct
(so is the address appears in the address box if the
link if opened in a new window) So I think IE somehow
translates the "~" inconsistantly in its internals, as
Dave have suggested.

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