DODS netCDF server / VisAD netCDF form


I am just getting started with DODS. I have set up a DODS server
and put up a dataset for testing. I'm running into problems when
I try to grab the data's DDS as follows:

The weird thing is, the following HTML URL works fine:

Also, if you download the dataset directly from:

then it works just fine from the VisAD SpreadSheet.

I put up another test dataset ("" that's part of the
VisAD examples), and both of the following work fine:

The file was generated with VisAD's netCDF file form.
Thus, this looks to be a bug with either the VisAD netCDF form
or the DODS netCDF server. Anybody know what's going on?


P.S. I did one more test, rewriting with the netCDF
file form to "" and it also works fine. So if it's
a bug in the netCDF form, it only happens sometimes.

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