Re: VisAD JavaDoc

--- Don Murray <dmurray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi-
> m huang wrote:
> > In the "Online browse of VisAD javadoc" link in VisAD main page
> >
> > All the links to VisAD classes and methods are broken in the
> > body of these JavaDoc pages. 
> It works for me.  Maybe you tried to hit it when it was being
> updated?

I just tried using netscape and all the lines work! The problem
must be from the IE I am using.

> Also why some of these JavaDocs
> > don't agree with the source code? (e.g. JavaDoc of
> visad.DisplayImpl 
> > misses most contents -- methods etc.) 
> The link above is built from the CVS repository and is ahead
> of the released code in visad.jar.  Think of it as a preview
> of what's to come.

oh! I suggest the above comment be put besides the link on
VisAD home page. I believe most developers who are trying
to evaluate the useabilities of VisAD would browse the JavaDoc
even before downloading it.

> The javadoc download (visad_doc-2.0.jar) is out of sync with the
> release. 

Probably this should be documented, too. Generating JavaDoc from
the source isn't difficult but I guess most people won't do this
if they are offered a JavaDoc jar by the official web page.

> VisAD is an open source project.  Anyone who wants to add
> some javadoc and contribute it back is welcome do do so.

But the problem is the other way round usually. People try to
use JavaDoc to understand how to use VisAD.

> For design, I suggest the VisAD Programmer's Reference is
> a better choice.


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