Re: XML + Audit trails ?


> I have some general question about visAD.
> Does visAD support XML format to store display informations ?
> If no, is there a plan to make an XML adapter ?

There has been some work with saving and restoring VisAD
data objects as XML files, by Ugo Taddei and by Russel
Steicke, but I'm not sure of the status.

There are also a few systems (the VisAD SpreadSheet,
Unidata's Integrated Data Viewer, perhaps VisBio) that
can save and restore the state of their displays, but
I don't think any of them use XML.

> What about audit trails as it was mentioned in the "scientific data model
> for interactive and distributed visualization" ( ?
> It wasn't released in 2000. And now ?

I couldn't find any link to "scientific data model for
interactive and distributed visualization" at,
and don't know what that would have to do with VisAD?

We did contemplate including audit trail metadata in the
VisAD data model, but never did it.


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