Re: is there a simple way to create a surface from set of 3D points?

This works fine--thanks very much

Hi Donna,

> I am just getting started using VisAD and what I would like to do is to
> create a surface representation (triangles) of a set of *3D* points. Is
> there a straightforward way to do this? It seems that the Delaunay
> are going to want to create a tetrahedralization for me instead. I expect
> my 3D points to define a gently sloping surface in 3D (something like a
> topographic landscape). Are there any examples of doing this?

If one of your coordinates is a function of the other two,
say Z values depend on X and Y values, then construct an
array float[2][number_of_points] consisting of the X and
Y values and pass it to the constructor:

  DelaunayWatson delan = new DelaunayWatson(float[][] samples);

Then construct an array float[3][number_of_points] consisting
of the X, Y and Z values and pass it to the constructor:

  Irregular3DSet set = new Irregular3DSet(type, samples,
                             coord_sys, units, errors, delan);

Note coord_sys, units and errors can all be null, and type is
a RealTupleType "(x, y, z)". This will construct a set of
triangles in 3-D.

If there is no dependency of one coordinate as a function of
the other two, then you need to define your own triangle
topology as a DelaunayCustom.