Re: WindowsXP? + color

> Ibrahim Z Mohammad wrote:
> . . .
> Also, I have another question which is more to with VisAD. I'm creating a 
> number of `particles' using Griddet3DSets as can be seen in the
> attached code. I use a FieldImpl to hold all the FlatFields before adding it 
> to the DataReference. My problem is that, when I do this, the
> particles lose all their color. I can add global constant maps, but I cannot 
> display each `particle' with a different color. I've not
> explained it very well, but I've attached the code and its not very long ( 
> `Trials3' is the main class). Thanks a lot.

You are constructing and addMap()'ing a new copy of
'new ScalarMap(w, Display.RGB)' for each particle
(i.e., inside your particle loop). Only construct
and addMap() 'new ScalarMap(w, Display.RGB)' once,
when you construct and addMap() the ScalarMaps to
XAxis, YAxis and ZAxis.

Good luck,