Re: Newbie question about 3D graphs

Hi Jay,

> I just started using VisAd and was not sure about how to solve this problem:
> I wanted to use VisAd to plot 3D graphs in which x-axis is time, y-axis any 
> variable and z-axis is number of trials. So it would be like many
> 2D graphs stacked together to get the 3D graph.
> How should I do this? Could any one point me to an example that does this? 
> Any help will be appreciated.

To get a bunch of stacked graphs, you might construct a
FieldImpl with MathType:

  (trial_number -> (time -> variable))

and display it with the ScalarMaps:

  trial_number -> ZAxis
  time -> XAxis
  variable -> YAxis

This will produce a set of seperate line graphs, one for
each trial_number. If you want a connected 3-D surface,
you can invoke the domainMultiply() method of the FieldImpl
to get a FlatField with MathType:

  ((trial_number, time) -> variable)

If you dislay this with the same ScalarMaps, the line
graphs will be connected as a surface.

Please see Ugo's tutorial for examples of how to construct
data and displays.


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