Re: book announcement

Hi Sione,

> I just had a quick look at the link, for your book from the link provided.
> Question?
> Is the book, about doing Machine Intelligence in Java (sample codes +
> theory). It
> looks like an excellent book in the subject if it is. I will be ordering
> one.

Thanks for your interest. The book does include a
chapter entitled "Current State of the Art in Machine
Intelligence" that surveys current research, but it
does not include sample code and I think does not
mention Java.

It analyzes intelligent machines based to two ideas:

1. That intelligence cannot be programmed, but must be
learned and will be acheived by machines that mimic the
learning structures of human brains.

2. That intelligent machines will evolve in Internet
servers and that they will develop close relations with
large numbers of people via ubiquitous computing.

It includes discussions of the role of intelligent
machines in human society, and the public policy
questions around their development.

The book is quite a departure from my usual interests,
but I don't have the energy to write another new system
like Vis5D or VisAD and intelligent machines have
interested me for a long time. Their development will be
the biggest change since the first appearence of humans,
and may occur during the lifetime of young children alive