Dear Friend,
With a humbled heart I commit myself this day to write and ask for your 
benevolence and kind consideration of my plight for assistance. I am making 
this contact on behalf of my family not minding the consequences but hoping 
that you would understand our predicament and come to our aid and assist us. I 
would also kindly apologize for any inconvenience or embarrassment this might 
cause your person, as we neither know each other personally nor have had any 
previous contact or correspondence. 
I am Julius Nsekou Mobutu Sese Sekou,son of the late president Mobutu Sese 
Sekou of the Congo Democratic Republic(former Republic of Zaire).There was 
unrest (war) in my country which resulted in the overthrow and eventual of my 
father President Mobutu Sese Sekou.My family members have since escaped to 
Morocco while i am presently in Nigeria(West Africa) on political asylum.
Due to the political crisis,no member of my family can go back to the Congo 
Democratic Republic or transact any business investment there,also my fathers 
properties have been seized and accounts frozen by the
Government of Lawrent Joseph Kabila.
Before my father died ,he deposited the sum of $50.5million(USD)in a secuity 
vault in Europe.If you can assist my family.Please we need your assistance in 
moving and securing this money in your bank account abroad,my family will 
compensate you  adequately with 20% of the total amount for your assistance and 
co operation.
My family will want to invest this money abroad,and
for this reason, i sincerely appeal to you to help us
in setting up this business.
Please you can contact me via email.
May i also state that you will advice on areas of
investment as regards your business and your country
as the families foreign partner.
I look forward to further co-operation from you and
will be grateful for your immediate response.
ATTN:Reply Back On: nsekoumobutu@xxxxxxxx
yours sincerely,
Julius Nsekou Mobutu Sese Sekou.