Newbie radar questions

I have been pointed to visAD as a possible tool for the following problem:

I am trying to visualize NEXRAD radar data (several hours worth).  I have
gridded the data using NCAR's SPRINT program.  The gridded output is in
"cedric" format.

Second, I have aircraft data that I would like to overlay on the
radar data.  The aircraft data (multiple parameters) are taken at 1
second intervals.


1) Is there an easy way to ingest cedric files into visAD?

2) Is it possible to string multiple volume scans together and animate

3) How do I handle the time variable for a file of gridded radar
data? Just let the time run for the duration of the volume scan (3-4

4) Is it possible to append another dataset that draws a line for the
aircraft position and then encodes a sampled parameter as say, the color
of the line = intensity of the parameter?

I appreciate any/all help!

Monte Bateman

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