Re: Flicker

Hi John,

I put a new release of VisAD on our ftp server this morning
that includes the code from for constructing our
VisADCanvasJ3D. Let me know if this does not solve your


On Wed, 25 Sep 2002, John J Brecht wrote:

> I'm experiencing terrible flicker with all of my Java3D apps, which I
> can correct using the tip presented in the FAQ:
> So, I've managed to get this fix to work in applications where I am in
> control of the construction of the Canvas3D.  Unfortunately,
> construction of a Canvas3D in VisAD (the VisadCanvasJ3D) is quite
> buried.  My code largely consists of extensions to the VisAD spreadsheet
> API.  After much tracing, I see that a Canvas3D is ultimately
> constructed in the following way:
> 1. BasicSSCell constructDisplay() method constructs a new
> DisplayImplJ3D, constructing with just a name, or with a name and a
> TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D
> 2. If constructed with no VisADCanvasJ3D , DisplayImplJ3D constructs a
> VisADCanvasJ3D of its own.
> As it happens, I am already overriding the constructDisplay() method in
> BasicSSCell  in order to construct the DisplayImplJ3D with an extension
> of DisplayRendererJ3D of my own.  I now want to extend VisADCanvasJ3D so
> that it is flicker free and use my extension of it in the construction
> of the DisplayImplJ3D.  Should I use this constructor for the
> DisplayImplJ3D? :
> public DisplayImplJ3D(String name, DisplayRendererJ3D renderer, int api,
>                         GraphicsConfiguration config, VisADCanvasJ3D c)
> where the DisplayRendererJ3D  will be mine, the api argument is
> DisplayUmplJ3D.JPANEL, the GraphicsConfiguration will be the "best"
> configuration created as part of the safe Canvas3D construction process
> described in the FAQ above, and the VisADCanvasJ3D will of course be my
> extension created as per above?
> -john
> --
> john brecht
> sri international
> john.brecht@xxxxxxx
> 650 859 2325

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