Re: GINI -> VisAD.


Stonie R. Cooper wrote:
I've looked through Unidata's archives for VisAD, and didn't find a reference so thought I would prose this to the list . . . . . . does anyone know of a tool for converting the NOAAPort GINI formatted satellite imagery into a format viewable by VisAD? Any help is much appreciated.

The way we do it is through a McIDAS ADDE server.  For example,
in a python script you could do:

from visad.python.JPythonMethods import *
a = load("adde:// -105")

to load in the 1km VIS image from our ADDE server,

or from the spreadsheet, just use the quoted string above on the
input line and you will see the display.

Of course, this means you'll need to have an ADDE server set up. ;-)

The other way would be to write an Adapter for the raw GINI format.
The quickest way would be to simulate a McIDAS AREA file from
a GINI image (which is what the ADDE server does) and use the
AreaFile nav modules for the navigation.


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