Re: Resource Leak

Hi Bill-

Welcome back.

Bill Hibbard wrote:

I'm sure this Java3D bug report that Tom found is the cause
of your problem. There is no good way for VisAD to compensate
for this. However, your application can keep track of when
its DisplayImplJ3Ds are not visible in a Frame, and refrain
from calling ScalarMap.setRange() and other operations at
that time. You may be able to avoid most operartions simply
by calling DisplayImplJ3D.disableAction() when the display
is not visible.

Since it's also a problem when a window gets partially/fully
covered by another window, just checking for minimizing
will not be enough. If calling setRange continually is not
needed and could be called every second or so, that would
reduce the rapid consumption of memory and would allow Java3D
to keep up as indicated in the report. I agree that the bug
is probably the cause, but it's troubling that it will probably
not be fixed as the bug report states.

Don Murray                               UCAR Unidata Program
dmurray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                        P.O. Box 3000
(303) 497-8628                              Boulder, CO 80307

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