ITIL in Major Corporations - Has it worked? BREAKFAST SEMINAR - Tue 22/10/02

ITIL in Major Corporations - Has it worked?
Speaker: Gerard Blokdijk, Managing Director The Art of Service

When: Tuesday 22 October - 7.30am to 9.30am
Venue: Regus Citigroup Centre, 2 Park Street, Sydney
Cost: $45 including GST
Features: Breakfast, Networking. Already over 30 participants - CIO's / (IT) 
Register: click on Enrol, Sydney Events

About this Event
ITIL is more than a simple set of best practices guidelines to optimise a few 
IT service management processes. ITIL is a set of non-proprietary, 
well-documented and fully integrated set of management procedures and best 
practices that optimises IT service management and IT/business alignment. With 
over 20,000
businesses, governments and non-profit organisations using it, ITIL is the most 
widely accepted IT process management framework in the world.

But has it worked? Many IT organisations suffer from poor perceptions of value 
and feel powerless to improve the situation. IT's top challenge right now is to 
build and
demonstrate value to the rest of the organisation - be that commerce, 
government or academia. How are CIO's and their IT Service Managers to leverage 
ITIL and ITSM to
meet that challenge head on and win?   

Do not be content with prepared remarks alone. Go one-on-one with Gerard, 
asking the tough questions, eliciting the most revealing replies. Trends are 
confirmed. Illusions
shattered. News is broken. Live on the breakfast briefing stage.

You are cordially invited to attend an IT Service Management breakfast session 
presented by The Art of Service.  Gerard Blokdijk is Managing Director and 
co-founder of The
Art of Service. Prior to The Art of Service Gerard has successfully set up and 
managed another IT Service Management education and research firm. He is the 
author of  "IT
Management becomes Service", a frequent publisher and public speaker.

Gerard has an active duty in IT Management since the late 80's. He has held 
positions as Capacity Manager, Security Manager, Disaster Recovery Manager, 
overall IT
Manager and CIO for large organisations like ING Bank, ABN AMRO and Philips.

Gerard holds the Managers Certificate in IT Service Management.
What You'll Get
- Insight into the pressing, urgent issues of today and tomorrow, distilled 
into a brief overview.
- Interaction with thought leaders by networking with your peers during 
question-and-answer sessions with The Art of Service specialists.
- Accessibility and convenience. These Briefings are designed to deliver the 
most critical information without taking too much time from your busy schedule.
Registration is on a first-come first-served basis, so we encourage early 
registration. To join, please register at If 
you have questions or
concerns about the breakfast session email service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or call 
1300 13 44 99

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