Re: General questions about visAD

  • Subject: Re: General questions about visAD
  • From: Dave Glowacki <dglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 09:55:49 -0500
Dave Glowacki wrote:
> [Sorry, I was out sick yesterday]
> Nicolas Ocquidant wrote:
> > I was wondering if the code is still active because
> > the dates from sourceforge site are: october 2000.
> The tar files on SourceForge are out-of-date because SourceForge
> has a very labor-intensive upload process.

Tom Whittaker pointed me to SourceForge's new (to me at least)
Quick Release System, which makes the release process a bit easier,
so the SourceForge files are now updated to the most recent VisAD

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