Re: problem of 3d display refresh

Hi Jing,

I tried running your GeoSpatial 3-D Terrain application,
but received the following error:

An error occurred while launching/running the application.

Title: GeoSpatial 3D Terrain Visualization
Vendor: NC A&T State University
Category: Unexpected Error


It looks like you're not bundling Java3D into the distribution.

Is there any way you could send a code snippet of how you're
constructing your 3-D displays?  If you're toggling displays
by removing and adding their components to a JPanel, try using
setVisible(false), or even setSize(1, 1) to hide your displays.


At 06:38 PM 9/21/2002, Jing Zhang wrote:
>Hi there,
>We finished our project in which we use Visad to realize 3D display. But there 
>is a problem. when we click display on/of button on control panel or switch to 
>another JFrame, the 3D visualization does not return. I think this is may be a 
>refresh problem, but I'm not sure.
>Our project can be accessed at 
>username: zhang
>password: 111111
>(By the way, we use Java web start technology to launch the application)
>Have a good weekend