Re: Positioning with Display side CoordinateSystem.


> I'm asking this to the list because the answer might be
> of interest to others.
> I have a SkewT display (2D) that has a DisplayRealTupleType
> (SkewTPressure, SkewTTemperature, SkewTZAxis) with a
> CS that takes these to XYZ.  I use ScalarMaps of
> (Pressure -> SkewTPressure), (Temperature -> SkewTTemperature).
> I also have (X->XAxis, Y->YAxis, Z->ZAxis). This all works
> fine for plots of temperature FlatField of type
> (Pressure -> Temperature).  However, I'd like to plot winds
> barbs along the right side display.  The fields I put in
> are (Pressure -> (U, V)) and I add ScalarMaps of
> (U -> Flow1X, V -> Flow1Y).  I thought I could get
> this to work by adding in a ConstantMap of (1.0 -> XAxis),
> so all the winds would line up along the right side of
> the display. Instead, they line up along the 0 degree
> isotherm (0 is the default for the DisplayRealType).  I've
> put a screen shot at:
> (the solid white line is the winds - there's a lot of
> them).
> Is there any way I could get this to work without
> having to figure out the p,t location of each point along
> the right side of the display?

The ScalarMap (Pressure -> SkewTPressure) overrides the
ConstantMap to XAxis for the MathType (Pressure -> (U, V)).
You could use the Data.changeMathType() method to change
the type to something like (dummy_real -> (U, V)), so
your ConstantMap will work.


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