RE: build doman_set ?

Dear all:
 i have similar problem to yours with the full description below:
below are sample lines in my file:

private static final int NUM_SPIKES_X = 4; 

  // number of spikes along Y axis 
  private static final int NUM_SPIKES_Y = 3; 
// increase density value to make spikes "thinner" 
  // decrease density value to make spikes "thicker" 
 private static final int DENSITY = 8; 

and then i construct the integer2Dset with the density and spikes_Y and X
using the constructor 

 Integer2DSet set = new Integer2DSet( 

then i have the two for-loops to read the spike value and put on the grid.i
think that is causing the scale mis-match,each oject carrying the spike
value also carries a pi value and a mass value.but this values are not
mapped to the x and Y axis as it is supposed to.

String name=(String)pro.getName(); 
            double ratiox=pro.getProp(); 
            double massx=pro.getMass(); 
            double pix = pro.getPi(); 
so the domain gat to be numbers like massx and pix values taken from the
prodat oject instead of the DENSITY * NUM_SPIKES_X, DENSITY * NUM_SPIKES_Y

so it is clear that, if there is a way to pass the mass value and the pi
value through the integer2Dset constructor so that each spike will
correspond to a mass value and a pi value in the it stands now,
the domain is independent and NOT connected to the range logically.The data
is not fully represented very i am looking for ways to include the
mass and pi values in the domain on the grid so that the scale for the pi
and mass will match can test it using the sample below:

sample data below: 

Name            mass     pi    ratio 

ATF4_HUMAN      38534   4.83    1 

ATHL_HUMAN      115437  6.12    .7352244077830988 

ATNB_HUMAN      35039   8.74    .5275324058321538 

ATND_HUMAN      31492   8.58    .6540817256804714 

ATPW_HUMAN      15691   5.85    .44756554307116103 

ATS1_HUMAN      103431  6.27    .415245531128005 

ATX7_HUMAN      95392   9.89    .36708860759493667 

AXO1_HUMAN      113323  8.11    .5319148936170213 

BAC1_HUMAN      801906  4.95    .6578947368421053 

BAD_HUMAN       18397   10.1    .5154639175257733 

BASI_HUMAN      29203   5.41    .5952380952380952 

BASI_HUMAN      29203   5.41    .542363203491572 

BASO_HUMAN      110909  6.91    .6711409395973155 

BB1_HUMAN       6587    7.85    1 

BC10_HUMAN      902869  6.21    .10714285714285712 

Everything about  the display is fine except this issue of domain and scale.

it will be good to know some workarounds on this or any constructor that can
implement this. 

thanks for all your time 



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From: Bill Hibbard
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Subject: Re: build doman_set ?

z karas wrote:
> Hi
> My coordinates X, Y are stored in a 2D array: coord.
> coord[2][1000];
> coord[0][0]= x1,coord[0][1]
> x2,...,coord[0][999]=x1000
> coord[1][0]= y1,coord[1][1]=y1,...,coord[1][999]=y1000
> how I can build a domain_set from this array ?

If your points are arranged in a curved 2-D grid, then use
the Gridded2DSet constructor:

  public Gridded2DSet(MathType type, float[][] coord, int lengthX, int

whree lengthX * lengthY = 1000.

Otherwise use the Irregular2DSet constructor:

   public Irregular2DSet(MathType type, float[][] coord)

Good luck,

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