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hi all:
thanks for your ealier insight, the thing with my X and Y axis scaling is
that if you take a look at the attached code, you realised that only the
scaling on the Z-axis is correct because it really matches the spikes

i want the scale on the pi-axis to be up to 14 NOT 20 and secondly i will
like the scale on the isotopicmass-axis to be up to 600,000 since the mass
is in thousands and the original pi data does not exceed 14.

but this is not really the case, it looks like the scale is set to the
contents of the samples array which creates the grid. 
the thing is that my data is coming from a database, so i do not know in
advance what the scale will be the grid should be created based on
the pi values and the mass values that comes from the database;as you can
see from the shot, the grid is created seperately and the spikes put on the
grid after reading the spike value from the proteinxwc object.I can
similarly get the mass and pi value from the proteinxwc object,but how to
use these values to make the spike correspond the axis and scale is the
problem. i am wondering if you can show me some workaround on that, i think
that will be very helpful,


sample data in proteinxwc object is below 

Name            mass    pi       ratio 

CBLC_HUMAN      502435  7.83    .6134969325153374 

CIDA_HUMAN      2004671 9.34    .7692307692307692 

private static final int NUM_SPIKES_X = 4;

  // number of spikes along Y axis
  private static final int NUM_SPIKES_Y = 3;
// increase density value to make spikes "thinner"
  // decrease density value to make spikes "thicker"
 private static final int DENSITY = 5;

 double[][] samples
      new double[1][DENSITY * NUM_SPIKES_X * DENSITY * NUM_SPIKES_Y];
    for (int y=0; y<DENSITY * NUM_SPIKES_Y; y++)
      for (int x=0; x<DENSITY * NUM_SPIKES_X; x++)
        int ndx = y * DENSITY * NUM_SPIKES_X + x;
        if(x % DENSITY == 0&& y % DENSITY == 0  )
           if (i==tex.size())
            break OuterLoop; 
             prodat pro= (prodat)tex.get(i);
             String name=(String)pro.getName();
            double ratiox=pro.getProp();
            double massx=pro.getMass();
            double pix = pro.getPi();
            proteinxwc xwc=(proteinxwc)ratioxValues.get(i);
            double spike=Math.round(100*xwc.getRatio());
           if(spike > 50)
            samples[0][ndx]= spike;
            if (i==tex.size())
            break OuterLoop;
            else samples[0][ndx] =-1*spike
            if (i==tex.size())
            break OuterLoop;

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