Controls for display.Value


Earlier on in the year Bill passed on this code fragment to Mike Ashworth for 
setting up a colour table:

  ColorControl control = (ColorControl) RGBMap.getControl();
  float[][] table = new float[3][table_length];
  for (int i=0; i<table_length; i++) {
    table[0][i] = ... // red for i, between 0.0f and 1.0f
    table[1][i] = ... // green for i
    table[2][i] = ... // blue for i

I'm trying to do a similar thing as Mike - I'm using a Linear2DSet to load 
Ocean bathymetry in as a surface but want to mask out the land. Making my own 
Delauney seems a little too difficult at the moment and making the land black 
using a ColourMapWidget when I map the bathymetry to RGB seems to work fine. 
(and looks marvellous on a spherical projection!). However, as I'm using RGB 
values for another dataset in the same scene I'm using Display.Value to give 
a greyscale value to my bathymetry surface. The trouble is I cant find either 
an equivalent to ColourMapWidget or ColorControl for Value. Is there one? I'd 
like to say I could have a go at writing one if not but I'm quite doubtfull.

Any help gratefully recieved.

Vic Cornell.  IT Development Manager.
Information Technology Group,
Southampton Oceanography Centre,
Room 256/29, Empress Dock,  European Way,
Email: vcc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tel:02380596193 Fax:02380596195 Work@Home:01803 813 792
SMS via email: send *short* messages to uruz@xxxxxxxxxxx

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