Re: texture and light reflection

Hi John,

> I am using DisplayImplJ3D to display my objects.  How do I change the
> surface texture of my objects such that they don't reflect the light so much?

To do this you will need to write a custom DataRenderer that
extends visad.java3d.DefaulatRendererJ3D, and custom ShadowTypes
that extend all the ShadowTypes in the visad.java3d package.
The ShadowTypes need to override the method:

  public static Appearance makeAppearance(GraphicsModeControl mode,
                      TransparencyAttributes constant_alpha,
                      ColoringAttributes constant_color,
                      GeometryArray geometry, boolean no_material)

from visad.java3d.ShadowTypeJ3D, to change the various
attributes of the Java3D Appearance. The extension of
DataRenderer needs to override the makeShadow*Type()
methods, described in section 1.4 of the DataRenderer
tutorial at:

Good luck,

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