Re: How to link the change to RangeWidget with SelectRangeWidget?

Hi Helen,

> Is there any way to detect there is a ScalarMap event generated from the
> Rangewidget of visMap?
> If there is, can I first
> double [] xxx = visMap.getRange();
> and then do
> visRangeMap.setRange((float)xxx[0], (float)xxx[1]);

Yes. Define a class that implements the ScalarMapListener
interface. It must implement the
controlChanged(ScalarMapControlEvent evt) method, which
can do nothing, and the mapChanged(ScalarMapEvent evt)
method, which should test for evt.getId() =
ScalarMapEvent.AUTO_SCALE or == ScalarMapEvent.MANUAL.
When it find such an event, invoke your code to copy
ranges from visMap to visRangeMap.

You pass an instance of your class to the
visMap.addScalarMapListener(ScalarMapListener listener)

Good luck,

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