Re: resampling/evaluating 3D field of manifold dimension 2

Hi Lak,

> I have a Gridded3DSet with a manifold dimension of 2:
>    Set xyzSet = new Gridded3DSet( domainTuple, xyz,
>                                        num_radials, num_gates );
> I have a line in 3D:
>     Set lineDomainSet = new Gridded3DSet( lineDomain,
>                                                  domainSamples, pts);
> and I want to find the values of the first 3D set at samples
> given by the second.  There are places where the line
> does not intersect the surface, so I will get NaN in some spots, but
> there will be points of interest as well.
> So, I try to do:
>     xyzSet.resample( lineDomainSet );
> but I get an exception:
> visad.SetException: Gridded3DSet.valueToGrid: ManifoldDimension must
> be 3
> Should I not be able to do this?

Yes, sorry but you should not be able to call resmaple()
for a Set whose manifold dimension is less than its
domain dimension. If possible, project your Gridded3DSets
with manifold dimension = 2 and 1 down to a 2 dimensional
domain. For your radar data, perhaps the 2-D domain
(latitude, longitude).

Good luck,

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